Encourages repeat purchases and Consumer Loyalty

Increases purchase spend and velocity. Instead of traditional paper cards, which are so commonplace, the unique texture and glossiness make your Custom Membership Cards stand out.

How you can make money by using gift cards:

Gift cards are excellent for small businesses, as they encourage repeat business and customer loyalty.  

  • Gift cards for businesses are perfect as a gift. 
  • Make your gift card represent your business brand in an outstanding way.
  • Get the gift cards that will really help sell your business.

Whatever you can print on paper can almost always be printed on plastic.

So get started by choosing the card that’s the most suitable for you.

The back of your Gift Card. Our custom gift card printing allows for the card back to be just as customizable as the front. In most cases, it’s printed in black for easier reading.

But with us, full color on the back of the card is an option offered with no additional cost.

You can use the space to provide details of your card program, list store locations, promote your website, or whatever other information you need to include. Print custom gift cards for your business that are uniquely branded to your company. Each of these cards can be used over and over, with customers loading funds at your store.

Plus, they’re great marketing tools to boost customer loyalty and growth. PLASTIC BUSINESS CARDS: They’re a great business option, being usable for membership or loyalty cards.

Whether you’re sharing your contact info or you’re creating a badge for your VIPs, our plastic cards will grab people’s attention.

Each card has a unique texture and shine, separating them from basic paper cards.  

The flexible, strong plastic keeps them looking great no matter what. Tips for plastic business cards

Designs that use bright colors work best on the high-gloss plastic.

Print on both sides to double the eye-catching looks.

Print on both sides to make these unique cards attract even more attention.

Use black permanent marker to write on the cards, ball point pens won't work

Does your business card have a WOW factor for your business? We offer Plastic Business Card Printing services that can last a lifetime. Plastic business cards will immediately grab everyone’s attention at trade shows and meetings.

Our premium plastic is sleek and stands out against flimsy, dull-looking paper cards. The material we use for our plastic business card printing is long lasting, waterproof, and resistant to tearing. The key differences between frosted, white, and clear plastic cards.

White Plastic / White plastic is our standard plastic business card and provides a classic opaque background for a design of your choosing.

Printing on both sides is possible because we use full color printing on the white plastic. Our recommendation is to print on both sides, so you can convey maximum information, as well as your company name and logo. Frosted Plastic: Frosted plastic cards are semi-transparent with a matte surface.

The frosted finish shifts the focus on the information printed on one side.

Clear Plastic / Clear plastic business cards are transparent on both sides, so you can only print on one side. A clear plastic card will have a shiny finish to it that really makes printing pop.

Combine the Right Shape and Size Create business cards in a standard rectangle shape or opt for a square. Both feature rounded corners to make the card convenient for wallet storage.

Our recommendation is to use the 3.375" x 2.125" size, which is one of four possible rectangular design sizes, and which have dimensions similar to a credit card.

We also offer an oval design for those who really want to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Print plastic business cards with us today.



What happens when I have white ink or color on my plastic business card design? It depends on whether you choose clear, frosted, or white plastic material. Can variable printing, magnetic strips, and sequential numbering be applied to plastic cards?

Can I apply sequential numbering, variable printing, and magnetic strips on the plastic card?

  • Unfortunately, no; these features for plastic business cards are not provided.
  • But you can utilize our plastic materials to design luxurious promotional tools like discount or loyalty cards for your customers.
  • What is meant by turnaround time?
  • Turnaround time means how many days it takes to complete your job.
  • Turnaround time does not include shipping time or the processing time for direct mail delivery.

All turnaround times are based on business days and do not include national holidays. Plastic Business Cards

It can sometimes be hard to find the right plastic business cards. Thankfully our company offers a large selection of plastic business cards to choose from. We offer a selection of plastic business cards that is frequently growing.

If you need help having your design created or you’re not happy with your current image, just give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist. We're always happy to answer questions and provide advice. Just contact us with any questions you might have about your card design.